Another great way to make money online is to become a “secret shopper”, also known as a Mystery Shopper. Although I made some money taking surveys online, I then found out about becoming a secret shopper and found this to be a fantastic way to make real money, and all I was doing was getting paid to shop

A secret shopper or mystery shopper is essentially a “spy” for the company. Assignments can range anywhere from ordering a burger at a certain Burger King locationĀ and filling out a quick survey about the service to counting how many people show up for the opening of a new movie in the theater to renting a car for the day, and many other jobs.

It is pretty simple to get paid to shop, really. It starts by joining a Secret/Mystery Shopper company on their site. Think of this company as essentially your “agent” at first. They will help you find assignments, and help you negotiate a fee for the assignments you decide to take. There are other ways to go, but trust me from my own experience and the research I have done online, these kind of “agent sites” are the right way to go to quickly jumpstart you on a path to real money.

They will provide you with all the resources you need to be connected to Mystery Shopping assignments and start making money on day one. Some of these sites charge a small “membership fee” but it is worth it! If you want to, you honestly can make enough money to pay for that fee in the first week with no trouble.

The way it works is: 1) You join a reputable Mystery Shopper site, 2) You locate and accept an assignment, 3) You perform the assignment, 4) You type up your survey style report by answering the questions provided about your experience and findings, 5) You submit your findings and you get paid! It really is that simple.

Sometimes the assignment will require that you pay for something like a burger, or a shirt, or a movie ticket, etc., but they will reimburse you for the full price and pay you, so it really is like you got paid to shop and you get to keep the stuff (sometimes the assignment includes reporting your experience returning the item), so it really is a win/win.

It may take you a little while to establish yourself as reliable, but once you do, you will find that you can pick and choose your jobs and negotiate your own fee! I got so reliable, they were emailing me and calling me (I opted in for the phone calls, but you don’t have to) and I was able to often increase my fee 50% or more from what they were initially offering me to do the shop. Sometimes someone unreliable promises they will do a job, but at the last second they cancel, and then they would call reliable ol’ me.

I would accept the job last minute and get them to buy my movie ticket, my popcorn, pay for my gas, and buy me dinner (I asked for enough money to cover all of those things) and I basically got a free date night, plus some.

Now you can potentially make good money every day as a Mystery Shopper, depending on how much you want to do. I personally had a bunch of $500 days as a secret shopper and some better than that (and would probably still be doing it full time if I had the time and didn’t find it hard to tell my other guy friends that I was a “professional shopper”).

Here is an example of one of my better days....

At around 9:30 am I set out from the house on my first assignment which included a quick trip to my local airport to rent a car and note how long it took and how courteous was the sales rep (paid shop #1), after about 15-20 minutes of paperwork and rental agreements I was off to the next assignment, which was a quick trip to the fast food restaurant to get myself breakfast and use my stopwatch to time how long it took and report the customer service (paid shop #2), then a quick trip to the local mall to buy a collared shirt and some jeans (paid shop #3), then to the coffee house in the same mall for a quick cup of joe (paid shop #4) then back home to fill out about 15-30 minutes worth of paperwork while I watched a little T.V. for the shops that were already fully completed (shop #2 & shop #4).

Then, a quick trip to the restaurant located in front of the mall for a light lunch (paid shop #5), followed by a trip back to the mall for where I returned the collared shirt and the jeans using my provided reason to complete paid shop #3, then a quick run by the game store to buy a video game (paid shop #6) then back home to play my new videogame for a couple of hours. Around 1:30 or so I headed out to the gas station where i filled the rental car back up and bought a lighter and a soft drink (paid shop #7) and brought the rental car back with a free full tank. Then, back to the house to fill out my paperwork to complete shops #1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 while I watched some T.V. and play a little bit more of my new video game.

Paid Shopping

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Let us show you how to get paid to shop and give your opinion.

At about 5:00 pm I headed out to the restaurant by the movie theater to have myself a little din-din (paid shop #8), then I walked over the nearby Ice Cream Store where I had a little sweetness (paid shop #9). Afterwards, I drove over to the movie theater to see the new movie that just came out and count the number of people who came in while the previews were on (paid shop #10). After enjoying my free movie, I made a quick trip to another gas station where I only had to put in $10 worth of gas which filled my car up from the day’s errands (paid shop # 11) and I drove back home, filled out about another 15-30 minutes worth of paperwork while I watched T.V., and submitted everything and played my new videogame.

The whole day cost me a total of about $10.00 (they said I could take back the $39.99 videogame and get my money back, but they had paid me enough to cover all but $10 of the price and I REALLY liked the..

The whole day cost me a total of about $10.00 (they said I could take back the $39.99 videogame and get my money back, but they had paid me enough to cover all but $10 of the price and I REALLY liked the game, so I kept it). All in all I had a fun eventful day which was hardly any work at all, got free food, a free movie, a cheap new videogame, and all the other great stuff for about 1.5-2 hours of paperwork and some of my time. I made over $500.00 for the day and spent nothing on gas, food, etc.

Every penny I used to buy the stuff was either given right back to me when I returned the items or was sent to me by the end of the next week. Money was already rolling in by that time from all the other shops I was doing other days, that I didn’t even notice that it took a week to get paid.


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