Manage passwords, and fill forms, with one master password and one click of the mouse! One great way to really increase how fast you can fill out applications, information, and surveys is to use a software which remembers your info and fills out all of your info with the click of your mouse. By far the best one out there is ROBOFORM.

Roboform remembers your passwords for all the different sites, and also fills out applications and other info with the click of a button. Your information is password protected, so you simply remember your ONE MASTER PASSWORD and then roboform with do the rest. Simply click on the name of the site you saved, Roboform will bring you to the site using your preffered Internet Browser, input your username and password, and log you in, all with the just one click of your mouse! There is a no-risk, no cost FREE TRIAL so you have nothing to lose. AND IT IS SAFE! I have used it for about 10 years now and have NEVER had a single security breach. Give it a try.

See Roboform in action

Simply Click Here to download the free trial.

P.S. I recommend the Roboform Everywhere license which allows you to access your passwords for all your sites from anywhere and any device with an internet connection, including your smartphone. Follow this link:

They usually give a discount for the first year which will cost $10 for the whole year, and then it is just $20 for each year after that. Totally worth it, trust me.

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