You’ve been told that there are legit paid surveys online, and probably even that you can get paid to take surveys online, but you don’t know where to start, do you? If you are looking for a way to make money from taking surveys online, you must be wondering which are the best sites and which survey sites and survey companies are genuine or legit, and most likely what survey sites pay the most money. Well you’ve arrived in the right place. Yes, you can make money taking surveys online. You are paid for your opinions on a variety of subjects including providing your opinion on advertisements, product materials, by reviewing products, by testing products or even get paid for playing games.

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My Top Paid Survey Picks

1. Opinion Outpost 

On top of the list for a good reason, Opinion Outpost provides members with regular and steady invitations to take paid surveys, and pays in points. {Second Opinion: Survey Police

2. Survey Savvy 

Could be number one, might be number one any day! Pays you for your opinion, then pays you for surveys your friends take! {Second Opinion: Survey Police} -Side note: negative reviews do NOT reflect everyone’s experience. Mine was (is) GREAT!

3. Inbox surveys –

I have never had any negative experiences with Inbox Dollars. Plenty of surveys to get paid for, watching ads, reading emails, etc. Makes the top 3 on my list because they have always paid and provided me with plenty of opportunities to make money.

4.Shopping Jobs – Survey Completion

5.Global Survey Group

6.Winning Surveys

7. Panda Research


9. Ipsos I-Say

10. NPD Group



Yes, there are many of these sites from which to choose, and if this isn’t the first site you’ve come to in your research, then you already know that there are a lot of scams out there. Fortunately for you, there are also sites like this one which you can rely on to help you pick the best paid survey sites out there and start making real money without the scams.

Out of the hundreds if not thousands of survey sites online, it’s not easy to know which are the genuine ones. One rule of thumb is to join only the ones that are free to signup. Yes, the old adage is “it takes money to make money”, but truthfully when it comes to making real money to take surveys online, your internet bill (or your library fee) should be all you pay! Remember, these companies hire these survey sites to conduct research for them to help them improve their products, focus on their target market, price the products, test the products, and much more, so the legitimate sites are more than happy to pay you for your opinions. The more surveys you take the more money they make too so the legit survey sites will be free and willing to pay you!

Before you start, please take a look at these helpful tips:

Before you sign up....

You should take these steps to maximize the money you make taking surveys and to make signing up for these companies very easy and quick:

1: Sign up for a free email – It’s great getting a bunch of survey offers a day, but to keep it easy, make yourself a free email address like (I use gmail, but you can use ymail or any other free email you like)

2: Download and install a Form Filler & Password manager- These things help you fill out all the info you have to fill out over and over with just the click of a button. I use Roboform because it also manages my passwords, it’s safe and secure and I’ve been using it for almost a decade now (See my Page on how to fill forms fast for a free trial)

3: Sign up for as many legit survey sites as you can – You might get a lot of offers to take new surveys from one site, but you won’t qualify for all of them, trust me. There is no harm in having a hundred surveys a day available that want to pay you at least a dollar to take the surveys, because A) you are not obligated or required to take any of the surveys, so you can just pass on the ones you aren’t feeling like taking, and B) The more survey offers available to you each day, the more money you can make taking surveys, and finally C) It doesn’t cost you anything to join the legit survey sites, so there is no loss for you.

4) Be HONEST. When filling out your info and when taking surveys, be as honest as you can. The more honest you are, the more money you will make because the more likely you will be invited to take other surveys in the future depends on how well you took other surveys.

5)  Click and confirm your confirmation email. Make sure you confirm your memberships, all of them, by clicking on the confirmation link in the email.

6) Fill out the personal information survey for each site. This can take a little bit of your time, but not if you use a Form Filling software like the one I mentioned above and on my Learn How to Fill Surveys Fast page…

7) Have tons of fun! This is a fun way to make money online, you can make real money and have fun doing it. Although these survey companies will pay, remember that other avenues like Secret Shopping are often much faster ways to make substantial income and generally pay more money for the same amount of time. With today’s tablets and smart phones, however, you can actually take surveys while waiting for your next Secret Shopping job or waiting for the sales associate to tend to you even, increasing your money for the same minute.

I made this site after spending years testing legit paid survey sites . See a few of the best ones below:

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