1. Why should I use TheLegitSurveys.com?

a) Because it is FREE!!
b) Because it is a legitimate site itself which has spent month after month researching and finding the legitimate survey and secret shopping sites on the internet so you don’t have to.
c) Because it is constantly updating its data with changing available sites and site reputations. So check back frequently.

2. Why should I bookmark TheLegitSurveys.com or add it to my favorites?

TheLegitSurveys.com takes pride in the fact that it is constantly updating its database and resources in order to always offer its visitors the absolute best information. There are new sites added frequently which have been found to pay more money to those out there looking to take it.

3. Do I have to follow the steps specified by TheLegitSurveys.com?

The steps outlined by TheLegitSurveys.com are not requirements, but are HIGH recommendations and are set to optimize your bonus income gained from the sites you register with, as well as to greatly EASE the process and SPEED up registrations and other form filling.

4. Do I have to Register with ALL of the sites recommended?

In short, no. Which sites you decide to register with is completely up to you. We only recommend the best sites we have found in our research, and will continue to add new sites which we find to be worthy of your time. Remember: The more sites you do register with, THE MORE MONEY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR YOU!!

5. After I register for the sites you recommend, will I be REQUIRED to constantly fill out surveys even if I don't have time or just don't feel like it one day?

No! You are never under any obligation to fill out surveys. You choose which surveys you want to take and when.

6. How will I receive the surveys or will I be notified when a survey is available to me?

Each site has their own way of handling how you receive notifications of available surveys. Most sites will notify you via email, which is why we recommend that you make a seperate free email address to keep your money making business seperate from any other emails you receive.

7. How much money will I make?

Well, that is entirely up to you. The more websites you register with, the more money will be available to you. After you have registered with all of the sites we have recommended, we recommend that you make sure to fill out your profiles and profile surveys to aid in your eligibility for surveys. Some surveys will be available only to certain demographics, so it is best if the sites have as much info on you as possible to fit you into those demographics.

8. How will I be paid?

Each site has their own way of handling payments. Most will pay either by check through mail which can take weeks, or preferably through paypal or another simular site.

9. What are cash surveys?

Cash surveys are survey sites which reward you for your opinions with cash.

10. What are points sites?

Point sites reward your opinions in the form of points. These points may be redeemed for cash, prizes, contest, offers, and in other ways.

11. What are the game sites?

These are simple games which reward you for playing with either cash incentives or prizes for high scores.

12.What are offer sites?

Offer sites are those which pay members incentives to complete offers. These are the absolute best of the ones we found. Offer sites are the fastest way to make the most money. (i.e. one of our researchers made over $300 on day one). Read ALL OFFERS THOROUGHLY!! Many include memberships which accrue monthly.

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